Unless otherwise noted, appointments with these specialists can be scheduled through our office.


Sanjay Patel, MD
First Friday morning of the month
Please call 219-513-8923 to make an appointment.


Dr. Geissler's Hearing Center
Gina Geissler, AuD., FAAA: Tuesdays


Mohan Kesani, MD
Second and fourth Friday, Morning and Afternoon
Please call 219-934-4200 to make an appointment.

Kenneth Ramsey, DO, FACC, FACOI
Tuesday and Wednesdays 9a-4p

Ears, Nose, Throat

Shridhar Ventrapragada, MD
Second Friday afternoon
Please call 219-836-9368 to make an appointment.


Navin Kumar, MD
Every Thursday afternoon
Please call 219-922-4900 to make an appointment.


Northwest Indiana Nephrology
Kristoph Giricz, MD: Monday and Wednesday morning
Please call 219-852-6131 to make an appointment.

Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine

Fadi Layous, MD
Second Tuesday, Afternoons
Please call 219-595-5754 to make an appointment.